Simple question about Rega planar 3


i have two simple question

1.what is maximum cartridge weight i can install on Rega planar 3 with default counterweight ?
2.if i install dynavector XX-2 Cartridge do i need shim ? if yes what thickness ?

Thanks in advance 
I don't think you should have any issue with the cartridge weight with default counterweight.  I can make a few comparisons to when I had a properly set up Ortofon 2M Bronze on a P3.  The XX-2 weighs 8 grams and Bronze weighs 7.2 g.  There was still plenty of VTF adjustment headroom at 7.2 g to accommodate 8 g.  

The XX-2 cartridge height from stylus tip to cart mounting surface is 18.7 mm and the Bronze is 18 mm.  This one is a little trickier to reflect on because my tone arm was perfectly parallel with the Bronze so I'm not sure if the extra 0.7 mm will make a significant difference.

You could pick this up for $15 if needed. has all the Rega info. The dealer you purchased the cart from should at least have knowledge of advising on such an inappropriate match.

IMO, a little much for the P3. A P8 and minimum $2k phonostage for that level of cart is what’s needed to extract the performance of a cart that level.

You are aware your phonostage must have at least 65db of gain for the cart?

If I owned the P3, I wouldn’t consider anything over the 20X2.

Apologies for the buzz kill.

Thank you all, for helping me.

ِDear tablejockey i didn't get disturbed, actually i like persons who are straightforward.
If you want full story, no dealer recommended me that cart, i received rega planar 3 as a gift one month ago and even didn't open yet ,
searched on net and find it doesn't have VTA, now i am in dilemma to keep it or sell it and replace with another turntable.
I give dynavector XX-2 as an example because my friend have it and said he will give me the cart for testing.
My phonostage is accuphase AD-50 preinstalled on accuphase E460 amplifier.

If you want to try a MC cart,I would consider the Rega Ania cart. What better, than the cart designed to go with the table.

No need for alignment fuss or VTA concerns. Price also, is more inline with the P3.