Simple question?

Wilson audio Sophia speakers. What would be the better driver,
Krell or McCormack. I have been told McCormack. I am in the process of purchasing a system and started my quest with Krell in mind and have been told that the McCormack sounds better. I have not heard the two systems side by side to compare and I am still a beginer with a lot of questions. I guess I am looking for bang for my buck.


Steve B

I have heard both; and if I had to live with a SS amplifier - it would be Pass Labs or McCormack. The Krell sounds nice, but the McCormack sounds better! If you are in the beginning stages of purchasing the entire system - do yourself a favor and listen to some tubes before you plunge. To me, triodes are the very best! Just understand that triodes do not rattle windows due to their low output power. Check out to get an idea of what can be done the right way.

Hope this helps
Many McCormack amp owners use a tube preamp and claim the combination has all the magic of an all-tube setup but the power and transparency of SS. I'm a SS kind of guy, so I went with the McCormack RLD-1 with my DNA-125, and the transparency and accuracy while maintaining "musicalness" and a degree of "liquidity" is so satisfying I'll likely never sell either.

I've heard the highly-regarded Krell and Levinson amps, and although I understand why they have their reputation, I just couldn't live with either after having McCormack gear - especially with Steve's mods.

Good luck with your seach.
Thanks I just purchased the Wilson Watt puppy 7s with the McCormack HT-5,MAP-1 and the UDP-1 as well as the Watch system center channel to accommodate my home theater application. I am just getting started and the shop that is helping me is a big tube guy. There will probably be some tubes in the future once I get over the sticker shock of my first purchase.

Thanks again for your input

Steve B

If I had to live with Solid State, I would personally choose an Electrocompaniet Class A amplifier. They are wonderful sounding and very musical. Between the McCormack and the Krell, the McCormack is definitely the way to go.

If you can find a tube set up that will properly drive your Watt Puppy 7's, that would be the beez kneez...

Congrats on your new speakers!