Simple near state of art laptop solution wanted

I'm finally going to try a laptop based play back system in place of my Levinson 39. In reading the forums, the one that I've seen that interests me the most is the Empirical Audio Off-Ramp I2s and Benchmark DAC moded at some level. Before jumping in, I'd really like to get some comments from those use the same and other comments on what else might be a better choice. Wireless would be a big plus, but it would need to pass 24/96. I'll use a couple of external hard drives as primary and backup. I'm not yet sure what fast CD or DVD burner to use so comments on those also appreciated.

My system now is Levinson 383, No. 39, Wilson WP 6's, Exactpower EP15, Sony and a REL Studio Sub.

Thanks in advance for all comments.

I went the MAC min direction instead of the PC. Make sure your first requirement is a laptop that the cooling fans are QUIET. Many can run you out of the room.
I have done a couple of laptops for customers in the past month, an hp Pavilion ($1850) and a Toshiba Satellite ($1000). I like the Toshiba the best. Easy to set-up, great ergonomics (touch-pad and screen) and good functionality for ripping (fast and accurate). Also has great packing for re-shipping it.

Steve N.
Empirical Audio
Given the investment you've got, I'd be looking at something like an Apogee Mini - USB based - plus a laptop similar to Audioengr's recommendation.

Right now, I'm using a Dell Inspiron 6000 with a separate PCMCIA Firewire adapter into a Presonus Firepod that drives my McIntosh C2200/HK Citation II/UREI 813s quite nicely.

The biggest problem I've encountered in using this for CD playback is that the laptop has a nasty problem with the disk drive's power consumption bleeding into the grounding system and causing all sorts of gremlins that result in digital artifacts in the audio - even when there's no audio.

The other problem is that this gear clearly radiates sufficient RF so as to create hash into my tuners, too.

I'm pretty sure there's a ground loop somewhere in the laptop/PCMCIA gear that's the root cause.

Outside of that, this is an excellent way to go - especially for the price.

Hope that helps.