Simple modifications to Jolida JD100

Hi all,

I just did these two simple modifications to my Jolida JD100, I don't think they make a huge improvement, but from my initial impressions, I think the sound is slightly less grainy. Took me a few hours to to this to my Hot Rod Audio modified Jolida JD100:

1. The cardas RCA input jack's ground is touching the chasis, I widened the mounting hole with a dremel, so now the ground of the RCA jack doesn't touch the chasis, which is how the stock RCA is configured. Also, removed the stock RCA, and made the ground of the stock RCA connected to the chasis.

2. The tube covers aren't connected electrically to anything. Removed the tube covers, pushed out the springs, and wrapped a thing gauge wire around the string. Pushed the spring back in, and attached the other end of the wire to a chasis screw. Now the tube covers are grounded.

Do you think it's wise to ground the tube covers? Any other simple modifications I could do to this wonderful CD player?

- Tony

The Jolida JD100 like most cd players are what I call recipe engineered. Basically this means they have undergone some serious R&D before they hit the market due to competition, the expense of reproducing the units, and shipping them to be sold. So, what you get is a unit that has been auditioned with various components when it has become a finished product. Now, that doesn't mean it has been auditioned with every component.

What I have found is that digital improvements come in inches not miles like preamplifiers and amplifiers.

Having conveyed my philosophy, I will say that the only area I would even consider is the tube coupling capacitors. It's been a while since I saw a picture of the inside of the JD100, but there are usually one per tube. If I recall corectly - there are two inside the unit. You could remove them and try a few other brands such as Hovland, MIT and Solen to compare to hear which sounds best!

Hope this helps!