Simple High Quality Tube Preamp for Vinyl Only Sys

I'm looking for the simplest but highest quality tube preamp to use with my vinyl only system. Does something like that exist? I see all the attenuators out there (Lightspeed, Goldpoint) but I'm looking to keep the tube tonality but I don't want something complicated, nor something that's overkill for a single source. Willing to spend up to $1500.
I was searching for the same thing as you. High quality simple and affordable, for vinyl mostly. My search ended with an ARC SP-16. I took my system to another level.

I also considered the quicksilver the old full function pre. But at the time i was looking the only ones i could find were 25 years old.

So i went with the ARC.
check out the K&K Audio Maxxed Out, it's a hybrid. the Standard model was a significant upgrade from my EAR 834P.
Since you specified vinyl only, I believe you would do best with a line pre; and select one of the excellent Phono pre's that are available here. That would give you an incredible amount of flexibility.
K&K Audio
I already have an ASR Basis Exclusive phono stage. I'm basically looking for a tube volume control for it. I do however plan to compare it to the K&K at some point.
The fact that you are using vinyl only is not enough information. What amplifier will you be using with the new preamp?
I use a KT120 equipped Rogue Atlas, custom made to drive my Quad ESL57s.