simple HDTV question.

hello. i need cabling for my new rig. what cable supports true high definition satelite broadcast? i read only component does, but see kimber kable sells hdmi they say supports it also. please advise....thanks!
If you have an HDMI out on your Hi/Def Sattelite reciever-and a HDMI in on your Hi/Def TV-thats the best way to go. It all depends on your outputs and inputs................
If you are talking about from your dish to the SAT receiver the best HD coax I have used is the Audioquest RG-6 3. 90% sheilded and silver conductor and sheild. As for after the box, like the other post says, it depends on the TV and box. If you are using a fixed pixel design you will want to use a DVI or HDMI. (DVI is better) and I love Audioquest for these too. If you have a CRT TV or projector and your SAT outputs uncompressed HD over component or RGB I would do these over HDMI. (HDMI and DVI are over rated) If you do the Component or RGB hookup the best cable I have ever used is Transparent.
Krelldog is right however the differences may be slight depending on equipment. Component to compenent can be excellent. Also DVI supports hi-def.
Component cabling does not support HD as well as DVI or HDMI.
Using component, you convert from digital to analog at the box, then analog to digital in the TV. DVI or HDMI keep it digital.
Using HDMI or DVI also allows the aspect ratio to change automatically - a very nice feature.
True HDMI cables all support HI/DEF. I use a Philips hdmi cable PTX-1000 series. Cheap at 42.95 Works will with my sony XBR60 LCD. Let me know if you want one or just look for them on EBAY I sell them there. Thanks

These are the three choices that you are most likely to have with a CATV/SAT receiver and some DVD players. All three connections support HD.

Good luck!
thanks everyone. that all helps very much. my tv is a pioneer pdp 5050hd, with 2 hdmi inputs and three component, s video, i link, and optical. fixed pixel or not i dunno? how can i tell? the hd box has dvi-hdtv/dish dvi(dvi-d) and hd component inputs. what would be my best connection? my dvd player will have hdmi and component, which should i use? now have an afterthought question...was it that only component cable supports progressive scan dvd? if so, which then is superior, component or hdmni/dvi? also, does dvi transmit audio like hdmi or do i use interconnects in that instance. i myhave also heard of some quite unfortunate experiences with hdmi on forum. any comments? thanks so much for the help....
DVI also supports prog scan, and without the d-A, then A-d conversion of lesser connections you'll be way ahead.
Go DVI at the box to HDMI at the TV. You can get cables that have DVI-HDMI connetions, or DVI-HDMI adapters. The only thing you'll miss is the sound as DVI doesn't carry audio. HDMI does.
Nice that you've got two HDMI inputs. When you get your new HD DVD player, you'll be good to go.
Hello again. You have a fixed pixel TV so I would do DVI or HDMI like the others have said and you have one of the best plasmas on the market. I will repeat however for the others who have writen that if you have a CRT HDTV direct view or projector which are still the best, HDMI and DVI are downgrades over component or RGB because the TV has to change an XY location of a pixel back to a scanned line.
got it! thanks a ton everyone!
uh oh, i just thought of something...
1)hd box to tv via dvi/hdmi cable
2)dvdp to tv via hdmi
problem: how do i get the audio to my int. amp with these connections? can i flow all audio from the tv to the amp with 1 set of ic's? would that degrade the sound substantialy due to the extra connnection? or, will i need ic's for each source from the tv to the amp? in that case would component video from the source to the tv and audio ic's directly from the source to the amp be a better overall product? ooohhh boy! i think, preferably, i want a direct audio connection to the amp. thanks again for your insight!
Hello again,

Each component has seperate Digital audio out and L+R audio out.