Simple enough?

We're doing a major geographic in our living room so my "rig" has to make some adjustments. I need a power cord, no longer than two feet (or it can be three if it is super flexible?) to go from power conditioner to dedicated outlet. Rack is (obviously) going right in front of outlet. Killer power cords (in my rig) go from component to power conditioner. Thanks in advance, warren
The most flexible "killer" power cords I've owned have been Shunyata Python and Anaconda. I'm sure you could order a custom short length, and the new Helix line is supposed to be something special.
I'm not going to recommend a specific manufacturer's cord. I know what brand I use, and we all have our reasons.

However, there is one criteria I strongly suggest you follow and that is wire gauge. Your dedicated circuit uses (I hope) 10AWG conductors or larger. So any cord connecting your conditioner to the wall should be at least that size.
Nsgarch's suggestion of 10gauge or larger is one with which I agree.

I will simply add that I use cords from five different manufacturers, and my suggestion of the Shunyata was entirely based on the criteria of flexibility.

I also use a Kimber PK10 Gold that is 10 gauge and very flexible.
10 gauge?-- even for the dedicated line that does just the cdp?
If the cord is feeding a power conditioner that in turn feeds the cdp, then yes, I'd say at least 10 gauge.

Another very flexible power cord that can be custom sized is the VH Audio AirSine.
my power conditioner, the Audio Magic Eclipse requires two power cords. Isolating, perfectly, the analog from the digital. Still 10 guage on the digital side. Only one cdp. Grant, you know what is going to be on my digital side next Spring. I tingle just thinking about it...looks good for the Kimber Kord PK 10. 10gauge, flexible and inexpensive. Can't go wrong. That'll get my electric to my power conditioner. Then it's up to the "Magic" and my Harmonix Studio Masters. Does it all the time...thanks guys
Warrenh regardless of the move you're making I have to insist that you take some pics. You have a really nice rig and we all want to take a look at it, so borrow a digital camera and get to work. As far as a power cord goes I have no idea, but I would ask doesn;t your beloved Audio Magic make power cords? Remember, synergy makes for great tunes.
I'd like to see some pics too! It's fun to see all these great systems! Also, not to sound stupid (which comes naturally for me sometimes), but why is a 10 guage required for the power conditioner if it just feeds the CDP?
One power cable that has recently impressed me greatly is the Kubala-Sosna line. These easily bend and twist as they are wrapped in a soft fabric.
Grant, I'm going to give the Audio AirSine a shot. Flexible, inexpensive, and from what I have read about it: it will do fine outlet to power conditioner. That guy selling the PK 10 never called me back. In fact, the guy selling the Michael Wolf didn't respond either. I don't know if it is the New Yorker in me, but people just don't respond quick enough for my taste. Could be me, but I find it damn rude. who knows. I'm going to order that AirSine this afternoon if I don't hear from PK 10 Kimber Kord man.
thanks for your help.
The AirSine is a good cord, and with the generous MBG offered by Chris Venhaus, you really can't lose.
I'm hesitant to get rid of my baby, but given your predicament, I will sell you the PC off our Francis!Francis! X5 espresso machine. Believe it or not, it bested the Elrod EPS2-Sig on our Lamm preamp (although the Elrod was a sound upgrade for the foam on our latte's), and it fits all of your criteria. I'm sure you could get a similar one at the local Rat Shack, but you never know what you're buying, do you? I'm willing to sacrifice this one at $247.57, and I'll even hand deliver it to you. Please don't ask me where I got that figure. It just seemed a fair number when I read it on Expedia. Should I bring my shearling this time of year?
Good to hear that you're back. Maybe that's why you haven't responded to my email. They may have let you out a little early? Don't forget your meds,
why is a 10 guage required for the power conditioner if it just feeds the CDP?

It's not required. Certainly when feeding just a CDP. However, Audio Magic wires their power conditioners with 10 gauge wire, so why not keep some consistency there? Also, my experience, which is simply my own observation, has been that larger gauge cords feeding power conditioners contribute to a more open sound and a larger soundstage. Could be psychoacoustics at play...

Anyway, from a practical standpoint, I see no reason to feed a conditioner wired with 10 gauge wire with a power cord constructed from smaller gauge conductors.