Simple Amp Repair in Houston

I'm on the south side of Houston and looking for someone who can do what should be a simple repair to one of my monoblock solid state amps. It appears that the resistor between the + & - binding posts is failing or the solder joint is bad. Probably a simple repair if you know what you're doing, but I don't have confidence that I know what I'm doing! Any guidance here is appreciated.

How can you tell?
With the cover off, looking at the negative binding post while moving it from outside, you can see a bit of movement in the resistor's lead which causes the sound to come and go. Touching the resistor with a probe does the same thing.
You need to expand your description of the sound you're talking about and where it's coming from specifically. If the binding post is loose, it may be shorting against the case. I would not turn this amp back on until I corrected the problem. Right now it sounds like a minor problem. Take it to a reputable tech/shop in Houston before it becomes a much bigger one. Probably cost little to fix.
The sound is either on or off. The binding posts are WBTs and are tightly mounted on insulating blocks, so I don't think they are shorting against the chassis. Thanks.