Simple all-in-one remote for HT?

I searched the archives, nothing there that helps. I have a HT my kids (my kids are 8, 10, 12) use extensively; NAD receiver, Sony TV, Toshiba DVD, RCA Direct TV. Four remotes, what a pain. I figured the solution was obvious, buy a Marantz RC2000 MkII universal and we'd only have to use the one remote. What a mistake, it took hours and hours to program and my kids never got the hang of it. The damned remote was big and heavy too. Sold it off this week for $100. I feel like a real "dumb ass"

So I've been trying to figure out what remote would be EASY to set up, and easier to use? A remote that was truly intuitive and you can hold in your hand easily. A remote designed with dumb asses in mind. I saw a remote in the Sony store (looked a lot like a Palm Pilot), at first glance it looked okay but I didn't spend any time playing with it. I'm looking to spend $150 max on a used remote, any ideas?
avoid the madrigal IRIQ at UBID as it really sucks power and battery replacement is excessive. As far as funtionality and ease of setup it seems simple enough. It is also heavy. I have tried no others but will be looking.
Try "universal remote"you can find their web page right here on Audiogon's manufactures list.Light,easy to use and most of your gear is within it's memory.All you do is punch in 3 #s.It is also alearning remote and can be had for under 100.
The Home Theater Master is pretty good. Also try posting on They've got all the bases covered.
The Sony RM-VL-900 is a realitively simple and inexpensive ALL-IN-ONE learning remote. It is much more simple than the remote which came with my Deonon AVR-3300 receiver and the Home Theater Master which came with my B&K AVR-202.

The Sony sells on-line for under $50 I believe and can be bought at Best Buy too. I find it very easy to use one programmed (also easy).


I second the Sony RM-VL900. I, too, have the Marantz for
the music setup and STILL haven't mastered it. The Sony for the HT was a breeze!! Look on They had it for $36+change.
Jeff, You offer to increase your 12 year old's allowance if he/she will get up and reconfigure the equipment on command.
It is a shame that you sold your Marantz. Programming is a bit of a challenge and there is some learning curve but if your family had hung in, they'd probably love it by now. I know a couple of families that echoed your experience of feeling really disillusioned. But now that they've all puzzled it out, they wouldn't go back. is a good source of info as well as data files that make management of programmable remotes much faster and easier.
The Pronto can be found used for under $200. I love the one I have. Easiest thing to set up and use. Looks like a PDA.