Simon yorke tone arm

Does anyone have any experience setting up a Simon Yorke 7.1

If so could you help me please?
Have you asked Simon? Given the price, I am sure he would do it for you if you lived close by.
Buconero117 - I think Simon lives in Spain.
The last time I checked his website he lived in Spain, yes.
I think I'm going to buy the Uni-Protractor allignement tool, which is for sale here on Audiogon.

The first half of any record sounds fabulous but as the stylus reaches the middle sound quality degrades
If you get that thing tell us later what happened, this should be helpful.
I used the Uni-Protractor on my Yorke arm and used the Uni-scope to check everything (not needed if you have young eyes) with beautiful results. The Yorke is singing tonight! Grooves are quiet, the music dynamic.
Hi Altoman, Which adjustments did you start with?
My ear is not experienced enough to know if there are improvements as I have just changed my cartdridge..!
What should I do to get the best out of my SY?

However the sound is already so much better since I have attempted to set up using the Uni-Protractor... Which by the way is beautifully manufactured