Simon Yorke S9 with a Schroeder arm ???

Has anyone any idea how a S9 would change with a schroeder dsp or refernce? As teh S9 is my first analog rigg since decades I don't know how good exactly the arm in itself is. I use the Simon Yorke with Jan Allaerts MC1B - pass lab phono - BAT 5i and VK 60's monoblock driving sonus faber amati homage.
i love the sound of the S9 with Allaerts but just wonder what that somehow genius contsracted arm woul do.
Dear Axel: You really have a very good audio system, especially your analog rig and loudspeakers.
You have one of the best turntable/tonearm combos ever made. Your tonearm was designed to do sinergy with the TT: what's wrong? what are you loking for?. If you swap your Simon Yorke tonearm for other one ( it does not matter which one ), maybe you can have a different sound presentation but I'm not sure if that different sound presentation will be a better one, that depends if the new tonearm do a good match with your cartridge and with the TT. Here are many: if, if, if,....

If you are looking for a better quality sound reproduction, then you must to go for the Allaerts MC2 Finish, here you will have not only a different sound presentation/reproduction but a better one, that's for sure and the Allaerts is a very good match with your TT/tonearm combo, here there are no: if, if, ...

Regards and enjoy the music.
A few people I know w. Simon Yorke tables have tried different tonearms. They all ended up using the Yorke arm in the end. I didn't listen with them when they did the comparison, just letting you know what I was told. Raul just reinforces that opinion. The Schroeder is a great arm by all standards, but I wouldn't be surprised if you can spend your money better elsewhere. I have been told Simon Yorke himself is emphatic about using his own tonearms for his turntables. The tonearm isn't the most sophisticated design. There are air bearing & other types of tonearms with newer technology, but you will probably not benefit as much as you think. You are at the point of diminishing returns. Good luck.
I have some idea. First, however, may I confirm that you own one of the very best analogue rigs available. Simply put, the performance level of yr S9 + Allaerts is outstanding, a reference set-up -- to paraphrase Dgad above, you are at a point of virtually NO returns:)
(Mr Yorke is rumoured to like yr cartridge too).

IF you feel that performance isn't outstanding, just play a bit with cartridge setup (there's not much to do with a SYorke TT anyway, it's plug & play), or perhaps buy a Neuance shelf (quite cheap) & place the Yorke on it.

Schroeder arms: they are outstanding (here we'd be talking about the Ref arm IMO) -- but I'm sure that Mr Schroeder himself would probably advise you to change nothing. (BTW, an Allaerts on a Schroeder ref on a S Yorke sounds excellent. But you already have an arm.)

IMO invest money into buying records and time into cleaning and listening to said records:). Cheers
I owned the Simon Yorke S9 and once mounted a Pertinax wand Schroeder Reference to it. In my opinion, the original tonearm gives a better match, provided you use better cables for the Simon Yorke tonearm. I used a solid core cabling mounted at the outside of the tonearm wand of the Simon Yorke tonearm going in one run from cartridge to preamp.

best regards,
Hartmut from Munich