Simon Yorke new table....

Mr Yorke has a new table, the S10. I'm told that 17 have already been sold and there is a 3 month wait time for a table now. Has anyone heard this new table? Would like anyone's thoughts.
I suggest you read Mike Fremer's review of it in Stereophile.
He compaired it to the S7 that he owned.

I have not heard it myself, so I hope that helps.
Simon welcomes people to make an appointment to come hear it at his location. For the money invloved, that is the best way to hear it.
How much is it selling for?
the cost will depend on who's buying it
Kurt_tank -
Mike Fremer reviewed the S9, not the new S10 in Stereophile. The S9 is a stripped down version of the S7. I have seen no reviews of the S10 yet.
I have one on order. Will post a review as soon as I get it.
I got my Simon Yorke S10 turntable last Saturday. From the serial number, I assume it was the 12th unit built. Steve Klein of Sounds of Silence (the US Importer) came over to my house and we set it up this afternoon. I am running it off a 9v battery, I am looking to replace it with a 12V battery. Out of the box, it is quite better than my old Simon Yorke S7 Transcription System. It is more balanced from top to bottom, has more body and it is more detailed and smooth sounding. I will give a more comprehensive assessment after I listen to it for a while.
I got an e-mail from a distributor that Mr Yorke wrote. Thought it might be appropriate to submit it.

"Grown up, it most certainly is. Twenty-five years worth of maturity
must count for something? Too youthful for a grey-suited approach, too
mature for constant premature ejaculation - so, about right? And too
young to have become slovenly, obese and comfortable. No, the S10 is a
mean machine, compact, diligent and absolutely to the point. It'll
grow on you - an addiction with ensue and, given time and the study of
the majority of the other "super turntables" out there, you may be
inclined to wonder how so much inappropriate nonsense has come to
dominate this world of music we all love so much."

Sounds just what I'm looking for......
I own a Yorke S9 and now have heard the S10 and can say without hesitation, it's about the best I've heard to date.
I've heard the S10 quite a bit now because I'm friends with the local dealer and it's a fantastic table. To my ears, it doesn't sound like anything. Completely neutral as far as I can tell. Alas, it's way too far out of my budget. But the S9 might be in my future. I'd love to hear from other S9/S10 owners.