Simon Yorke and VPI

Hi Folks:

Not only is a Simon Yorke table a work of kinetic art, the original S7 was one of the most rhythmic musical tables that I ever heard. This was several years ago.

Now, having heard the VPI Classic in two distinctly different systems, I can also state, without hesitation, that the Classic is a true reference turntable with a sound that rivals $10K plus machines. My jaw is still on the floor with what the Classic delivers for the price. I like it better than the stock HRX. The HRX with another arm is another discussion.

I am wondering if anyone has compared the Classic to the sound of the Simon Yorke, either the S7 or the newer 9 or 10?

Thanks for the info.

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VIP is not in the business to put itself out of business. Behold, Harry will be out with another 'classic' within a year. Simon, and his one of kind business model, will do just fine. "Art" never goes out of style, just ask Andy.
What cart did you use it with? Is it possible that the cart just happens to be better matched with the VPI?
Never listened to any VPI which can be called a "Reference", same for Simon Yorke. I think, it is based on my electronics which can show the difference. There is better out there, with much more brain and technical understanding inside.
Or maybe the Classic is a really good turntable? Just a thought...
I think the Simon Yorke's are fairly rare...I'd love to be able to hear one soon...
I was so wrong, Harry is coming out with his direct drive. Beat that if you can Simon. Harry is returning to the 80's to mine for new profits. More power to you Harry.

I respectfully submit that your sarcasm regarding Harry is misguided. For as long as I have known him, he is a true engineer in the sense that he wants to come up with new ideas and better what came before. In that sense, he has almost accomplished that across the board with every new series of products that he has produced. He has also suffered unimaginable tragedy in his life and for you to be so caustic and dismissive of someone who has literally changed the world of high end audio, is unfortunate. Judge lest ye be judged.
Buconero 117,

He already has 4 versions of the classic table. How many more does he need?