similar speakers

In my opinion A'gon is missing an opportunity in not having a "similar items" or "people who looked at this also considered" capability like Ebay or Amazon. So, for example, if I am looking for B&W 803 Diamond speakers, they could recommend similar performance speakers that are available.
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waste of time indeed.
A'go used to be kool, just a bunch of "philes swapping this and that.
Now its a shark tank with submit your card and bow-down to the Great God PayPAL as you jump thru this hoop and that.
My A'gon buys are coming to an end.
It would be nice if audiogon could provide ANY useful information or metrics other than blue book equipment prices (worthwhile to buy when one is considering dropping big bucks on anything here)that might help people navigate through all the noise one might encounter here. I suppose the model here is to just ride the audiophile wave, not influence or affect it in any way.
The model is make more money.
I see a lot of audiophiles, here and on the Audio Asylum whining about Audiogon. If it is so bad, why are you all still here? I have built an awesome system because of Audiogon. I could never have afforded it if I paid retail and I have made a lot of friends in the process.

So what if they now charge more money to post the ad? Everything I have posted here sold within the first 3 days and I have never run into any problems. They are here to make money and we are here to either upgrade components or talk about high end audio. I have found that you can usually get the person to come down on their price of the item, so why bitch about the few extra bucks that Audiogon charges? Can't we all play nice?
Audiogon is great for what it is, a place to sell and buy and discuss "high end" audio gear. I guess if it ain't broke, don't fix it, though there are so many ways the site can be made better over time. That does cost money to do it right though. Last time Agon tried a major makeover, things did not go well afterwards. Hopefully some lessons were learned for the future. I hope the site is simply not afraid to change. Doing that right/well does cost money. But for a site that supports some big dollar transactions, one would expect perhaps more than is apparent in regards to improvements over time. Unless I'm missing something?
The digital noose of TOTAL control of every aspect of American life is tightening around every neck and the sheep go baaaah.
Stero 5 , you put your card in A'gons liitle file, somehow I think that hackers who can hack the CIA and Bank of America just might be able to do same to A'gon.
You have to be fool to put card on file anyplace on line.
+1 that this approach would be a waste of time, and potentially even misleading.

Without prejudice to any other arguments, simply posting a random, arbitrary or limited list of suggestions with an elusive target of actually getting "similar performance " kit is BS and blind luck at best, with a high probability that it won't work optimally with your kit.

System synergy matters .... Big time. Brand X cannot be simply randomly or blindly swapped for Brand Y because of the system synergy alchemy formed by ALL of the interaction of electronics, source, speakers and cables.
Putting credit card is not the worst error, but putting banking card on A'gon or even ebay/paypal file is definitely foolish and naive.
I use prepaid debit cards ONLY.
True , not worst but still foolish.
I'll still buy here, but won't sell anymore. There are just too many other sites for hobbyists.

It's not the money Audiogon charges, it's all the changes over the past few years. Too intrusive and restrictive, all the signing in over and over (what's up with that anyway?). If I hadn't started here back when it truly was just a bunch of audio-people trading stuff I might feel different. Remembering the good old days gets in the way for us old dudes.
To hardcore audiophile (which I am not)...there are no similiarities between products...every piece of equipment is different...even the same model from different production run...we are talking people who encase turntables in concrete, stay home alone at dust their amps, measure speaker placement in a familiar section would be pointless imho