Similar sound gear to Sonic fr. power 2 ?

Hi everybody.
Today I auditioned many power amps combined with my Goldmund Mimesis 7,5 preamplifier.
Don't want to mention the loosers but only the winner: Sonic frontiers power 2.
As usual at the end I asked the price; the gear was in splendid status but the price.....true in Europe we are overcharged for import thrills but 5000 Euro sounded sky high- Isn't ?
Now, having defined that this type of sound entrapped me for its musicality and gracefully married with my extended SS top-highs, which other brands/model should I look for as 2nd hand ?
Noticed that SF produced a power 1 but I am not sure it will be soo good ?
In terms of power I can rund my Burnmester 995 with about 50 watts per channel and possibly less.
Would you pls recommend me easy findible 2nd hand product that i could aim for ?
What about:
Unison research Smart 845 ?
Audio research D -125 ?
Conrad Johnson range ?
Thanks for your precious advises, cannot target USA products as they are all 110 Volts, while we here run the show at 230 Volts bzzzzzztczzz
Get it ?
If you really like the Power 2, buy a used 110v and power it through a stepup transformer.
I'd keep looking for a Power 2 if that's what sent you - they shouldn't all be that expensive since it's no longer in production. SF (Anthem) still does repairs and upgrades, I'd get in touch with them and see if there is an internal conversion for 240v operation.
Thanks everybody. Still unclear how to manage the 50 Hz we have instead of 60 Hz, being not a turntable it should not go slower but, these remains mistery for my poor knowledge of electricity . I will investigate further
A stepup transformer will also take care of the Hz. I like Zaikesman's idea better though. Also, try placing a wanted ad here at the 'gon for a Power 2 that has already been converted to 240v.
My latest concern is about shipping such a weight monster from USA to Europe. The rest seems easy now.
What's your opinion about such an overseas shipping ??
Check out this thread from earlier today: