Simaudio W5 vs Plinius SA-102

Hello SS amp fans!
Have any of you compared the Sim W5 to the Plinius SA-102 in a relatively controlled environment? What are the major differences you've observed, which do you prefer, and why?

I've currently got some Dynaudio S1.4s, using a CJ Sonographe 400 (200 WPC doubles down to 400 at 4 ohms), Rega P25/Denon 103 and Jolida JD100 for sources, Supratek Syrah for preamp. I listen to Classical (small scale + large scale orchestral), Jazz (miles davis and onward) and Rock (classic rock, 80s, and modern rock ie. radiohead and Pulp)

My system certainly sounds good now... but I know the amp is the weakest link in the chain, and that Dynaudios LOVE a good, higha-current SS amp.

I value tonality and coherence most, then dynamics.

Eventually (when I can save up some more money, just starting working out of college) I plan to audition both and decide, but I would like to hear any thoughts from those more experienced than myself as well.


I've heard both albeit in different systems. The Sim is more neutral and can control virtually any speaker. The Plinius has that coveted midrange tube lovers rave about. The Plinius has the option of class A operation which does make a difference vs its AB operation. But it gets quite hot in Class A. Keep in mind that the Sim works beautifully with Dynaudio. Consider also the Sim Audio W3. While at only 125 watts (same as the Plinius) it does some things better than the W5. Given that you have a great preamp in the Syrah, I'd give the nod to one of the Sims. You have some good choices here and should consider hearing both if you can.