Simaudio W5 v.s ????

Hi all, What are your opinion on this 2 channels amp Simaudio W5? How is it compared to others at the same price range: Krell, Mark Levinson, etc ... thanks
I have been a Sim W5 long time user and my feedback to anyone about this amp is it is one of the best s/s amps for the bucks today. It beats out Krell, M.L.,Pass Lab not just price wise but on some other aspects of sonic performance as well. Check for yourself and the Stereophile Feb 99 issue for a formal review of the amp itself. Class A recommended by Stereophile!
Stunning performance at this price. I have not heard an amplifier with this level of resolution and detail,with an absolute vice-like grip on the bass. All things being relative....this is easily one of the best bargains out there. Having said that you should hear Victor Sima's new amp Linar.It's even better!
I found a used scratch-n-dent model for cheep (under $2k). The scratches are annoying, but the sound is great! For the price (under 2k), I compared it to used Bryston, Krell, and Mark Levinson. The Sim sounded better than all the above -- much less analytical. Not too much difference in bass (the Moon may have had a _slight_ touch less definition). Everything else was tipped in favor of the Moon. I really wanted to get my hands on a McCormack DNA, but didn't before I bought the Moon W5.