Simaudio W5 match to SF Line 2

I am looking at a Sim W5 as an upgrade (huge upgrade) from my current set up and am looking for some input from those that may have or already do use this amp. I have read reviews and most seem to have positive comments about the W5.
I picked up a Sonic Frontiers Line2 pre not long ago and am now looking for an amp to go with it. My current pre-power is an old NAD 7100 series receiver that has served me well for a good number of years and is still going strong but I think it's time to move on. The following is what I'm thinking of putting together.
What do think of the system match? I do have a chance to pick up a W5 (new in box, full warrantee) for $4650.00 CDN$ (approx. $3900 US$) is this a good deal? Would you jump at it?

Sim W5
SF Line 2
Cary 308 CDP(solid state)
Paradgim 60V'2
Paradgim Servo 15

Nothing special for IC's or cabling as yet, that will come shortly.

Any and all comments welcomed.
Thank you.
I've used all the above (except the Cary) but not all at the same time so I am only guessing that they will go well. I did use the SF Line 2 (and 3) with the W-5 successfully.


I have owned the Studio 60v2, the SF Line 2SE and the Moon W5 all at the same time. All great products whereby you cannot really go wrong except that the Studio 60v2 really do not require the amount of current that the W5 can produce.
My humble suggestion? If you do have a hole burning in your pocket and are looking for an improvement in your music system, perhaps instead of putting that money into a very high quality amp, the money could be siphoned into a different set of speakers. In my experience, this would give you the most improvement/dollar spent at this point.