Simaudio vs PS Perfect Wave...

Looking for a balanced out CD transport. My preference is toward something musical vs extremely detailed, mostly to help with a lively listening environment. My budget has me considering the Simaudio Neo 260D or the PS Perfect Wave Transport. My current cdp for years has been an Arcam fmj CD23. Other equipment is a Luxman 590ax, Harbeth HL5's, and I am leaning heavily toward pairing the transport with a Schiit yggy. I desire to stay with a standalone cdp or transport DAC combo, which seems to be preferred in my budget. Appreciative any input from others experience with these components or in general. My locale is horrible for audio shops.


I’m partial to the PWT simply because I own one and it has served me perfectly for many years. It is also a memory player. Coupled with either a PS Audio or Wyred 4 Sound DAC, in either case connected via I2S, it’s really hard to beat.
stevecham, thank you for your reply. There are certainly many people on the forum very happy with the PWT. I would only be using it for dedicated CD listening. I have read great things about the build quality of the Sim 260D, prompting me to do a little research. I tend to hang on to things, so the longevity factor is high on my list. They are both relatively the same budget and seem to be brands with good support.
Tia as well built and beautiful looking as the SimAudio player is its just another cd spinner which at some point the drive will fail not to mention all those sonic robbing self induced vibrations from that spinning cd ,.How long will SimAudio continue to support this model and what about replacement drives when it fails ,...?

The PS Audio perfect Wave is not your typical CD player at all with the added bonus of free firmware that  further enhances playback sonics ,..
i don’t own a Perfect Wave transport however I have the Direct Stream Memory Player, PS Audios newest offering which replaced a beautifully built and sounding Esoteric KO3,.

Thanks in_shore for chiming in. I have been dragging my feet trying to do some cdp auditions. I recently heard a Naim cdx-2 and would like to also listen to a Luxman D-06u, hopefully in my own system. Though I will likely end up recoiling back to near a $4k budget.


how do you like the Arcam FMJ CD 23 and Luxman combo?

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Hello Jafant,

I am going to default to my wife's ears here, but the Arcam CD23 is her choice amongst what we have owned. The Luxman just adds a notch more lusciousness, if that is a worthy description. We have a fairly lively space and have purchased the CD23 twice after owning the Sony 777es, Bryston Cd-1, and a Marantz carousel. We very much enjoy the non fatiguing musical nature of just having music playing in our general living area. While the upgrade bug is strong, I would not want to lose the non fatiguing musical factor.  

Thank You- mlo97

have you considered a Luxman cd/sacd player? If so, have you auditioned any of the brand's spinners?

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Certainly, though I have never heard a Luxman. My budget would have me looking at used for sure. The couple times I have seen one listed, they did not hang around long. Unfortunately, the brand has no physical presence in my area.
Bel Canto has a dedicated CD transport that is very good, 
msrp =1500, with a balanced out, but limited output of 16/44 Redbook.