Simaudio vs Pass X350.5

Can anyone comment on the differences between Pass X 350.5 and Simaudio power amps?
Pass has a more neutral while Sim Audio is relatively warmer than Pass
This is very interesting as I thought it was the other way around
I have Sim Audio W3 amp and it is a little neutral but definitely not warm sounding. The bass is a bit light and the overall sound is slightly lean. I then replaced the amp with the SixPacs and the bass got warmed up really nice.

The treble of the W3 could be a bit prominent if your entire system is leaning that way.

I am actually thinking of selling the W3 in searching for something a bit warmer.
I agree with Bunkeromantik. I've only heard Sim Audio equipment at dealers, but I do own the X350.5. In my experience, the Simaudio products sound more neutral than Pass.

The Pass has the best of both worlds (SS & tubes). It has the midrange warmth of tube equipment, but the bass control of SS amp. I think one attribute that people don't talk about much regarding the Pass X-series is its ability to reproduce bass in a tightly controlled fashion. Don't get me wrong, the bass is plentiful and goes down deep.

I had switched from a Levinson 333 to Pass X350.5 two years ago. They were driving my then speakers Thiel 3.6s. Me and my friends were just amazed on all the improvements we heard. My friend ended up running out and bought one to replace his ML 433.