Simaudio Vs. Classe for Totem model 1s

I have been spending a few months deciding what amp to put with my model ones. I have narrowed it down to either classe separates (Ca-150), a classe Cap-151, or a Simaudio intergrade around $1800. Of course the Cap 151 is the cheapeast aternitived and has enough power to make the Totems happy, but if i go with simaudio, I will be getting less wattage. My question is, do you think that in THIS case, the totems would prefer more wattage over simaudio?
Yeah do know that the classe would give them more power. I am planing to add a totem storm sub so that will probably make me happy for the bottom end. Valinar update me when you hear your I-5. Meanwhile I am going to be on the outlook for one in the ads!
I received and set up the I-5 with my Model 1's yesterday. I have not listened extensively, but what I have heard so far is very good. It has a bit more detail than the I-3se. In your sized room either the I3se or i5 should be fine.
I have Totem 1's and need to get a pre/pro and amp, but seriously cannot figure out what to get! How can one decide? I am tempted to buy 4 or 5 different combos, try it all out, keep the best combo and then resell the rest on Audiogon. I am driving 5.1 channel (all Totem 1's) about 65% of the time and 35% of the time I am listening to two channel or multichannel music. HELP!