Simaudio Vs. Classe for Totem model 1s

I have been spending a few months deciding what amp to put with my model ones. I have narrowed it down to either classe separates (Ca-150), a classe Cap-151, or a Simaudio intergrade around $1800. Of course the Cap 151 is the cheapeast aternitived and has enough power to make the Totems happy, but if i go with simaudio, I will be getting less wattage. My question is, do you think that in THIS case, the totems would prefer more wattage over simaudio?
What size is your room, and what Simaudio integrated are you thinking about?
I hate to rain on your parade - but I would say neither. I had a CAP-151 that really made my Vienna Acoustic Mozart speakers sing. I then upgraded to Totem Acoustic Wind speakers. The local dealer warned me that the Classe integrated would probably not have enough power. He was right. Granted, the Model 1 is not the Wind - but Totems love lots of power. I would probably call Totem and ask them. Both Totem and Classe are located in Montreal and I have to believe (given the proximity) that they are familiar with each others products.
I asked what your room size is and what Sim model your are thinking about because I have a pair of Model 1 Signatures that I drove with a Sim I-3se with great success in my bedroom system. The I-3se controlled the Model 1's easily with a full bottom end and rich mids and highs. The imaging was very good. I since have moved the I-3se to my living room driving a pair of Dynaudio Contour 1.4's. Last week I was considering a used Sim I-5 integrated for my Model 1's in my bedroom. I called Totem to get their thoughts on this. I was told that the I-5 should have plenty of power for them. I bought it and it should arrive in a couple of days.
If your room size is not too large a Sim/ Totem Model 1 combination should give you much listening satisfaction.
Thanks guys for your feedback, my room is 12 x 13 feet. Valinar, I was looking at both the I-3se and I-5, but have had my eye on the I-5 a bit more. Did you find that the I-3se pushed them enough?
HI Macd. I have a similar room to yours and believe or not have run both Classe separates and Simaudio I5. I am not running Model 1s. I am running Hawks.

The Classe is warmer sounding and with more power has more punch to it. I sold the amp after having some perplexing problems with it that never seemed to be resolved even though the amp made several trips to Canada.

I bought an I5 to replace it. The sound is much more transparent. Imaging and depth improved some. The bass is somewhat more limited but still very fast and tight. The overall sound of the Sim is faster.

After owning the Sim for 2 years, I do like its sound. However, sometimes I do miss the oomph of the sound with the Classe.
The I-3se pushed them just fine. In a room your size it should work quite well. My bedroom is 9x12. As I stated in yesterday's post I should be getting the I-5 tomorrow to use with the Model 1 Signatures in this room.
Yeah do know that the classe would give them more power. I am planing to add a totem storm sub so that will probably make me happy for the bottom end. Valinar update me when you hear your I-5. Meanwhile I am going to be on the outlook for one in the ads!
I received and set up the I-5 with my Model 1's yesterday. I have not listened extensively, but what I have heard so far is very good. It has a bit more detail than the I-3se. In your sized room either the I3se or i5 should be fine.
I have Totem 1's and need to get a pre/pro and amp, but seriously cannot figure out what to get! How can one decide? I am tempted to buy 4 or 5 different combos, try it all out, keep the best combo and then resell the rest on Audiogon. I am driving 5.1 channel (all Totem 1's) about 65% of the time and 35% of the time I am listening to two channel or multichannel music. HELP!