Simaudio versus Accuphase?

Have simaudio 740p with 860a, considering Accuphase a-70 with c2420. Speakers are Franco Serblin Ktema.


P.S. Moving to japan therefore can purchase accuphase at japan prices..

Thank you
While Simaudio makes some fine gear, Accuphase electronics are in a completely different league as far as their build quality and performance. Of course they are priced accordingly, but much more reasonably in Japan as noted. I don't have any personal experience with your speakers so I can't comment on them directly.
Thanks Bill, i believe i can get the A-70 and the c-2420 for the same price i paid for the sim gear at japanese prices. I am getting the same impression. I just never heard Accuphase, but looking forward to. The other issue is fitting in the quadraspire rack, hmmm.
Harris, I heard the Serblin Ktemas in my Dealer's treated showroom 3 weeks ago paired with a Vitus RI-100. The sound was relaxed, yet dynamic, effortless, smooth and articulate. The Ktemas are good sound stagers. The latest generation of Accuphase instrumention type amps are beautifully built and have good power and control (which has always been the achilles heal of earlier models). Very nice eye candy as well!

You might have guessed i'm more of a Vitus fan, and own Vitus Signature series gear. If you can access genuine (non-gray market) Accuphase gear in Japan at good prices, that would be a safe bet as it has traditionally had good resale value.
Defintely go out and listen. I have had many listening sessions with Accuphase units. Believe me, it's some of the best out there, and at the Japanese prices, it's a no brainer. The only stuff that could possibly beat it is FM Acoustics and Boulder, at a million times the price.
The A-70 + C-2420 is a dynamite world class combo. I can attest to this. I have heard said combo, and it'll do all kinds of neat things sound wise. Plus it is transparent and dynaimc. Unfortunately I don't these superb units at the moment, but hopefully in the near future I will. The stuff isn't cheap here in the US!
Simply and honestly, compared to the Accuphase, Simaudio
is a joke. The new NEO Series is even worse joke.
The NAD C356 sound better than any Simaudio NEO Integrated
Amplifier. Tested and proven. Five thousand dollars for
something that sound like artifact. Well .............
Thank you all. It appears Accuphase is the overwhelming winner. I do enjoy Simaudio, but I am looking to have an amp to push a warm sound through the Ktemas. SimAudio's sound seems to sit back, but transparent. Has its place, but I am looking forward to listen to the A-70 and 2420 with the Ktemas. Thank you
If considering Accuphase, I would also check out Luxman especially in Japan.
I purchased the Accuphase A-70 along with the 3850. Yes, I can truly say this is a Maserati compared to the Hyundai. The Accuphase is making the Ktemas sing. Here is the crazy thing, I payed the same price for these two items as I did the 860a and 740p. Let me give simaudio it's credit. They make great components, but FS Ktemas are made for Class A and match very well. The moon always sounded to analytical. I made the right choice. Now I need to sale my moon gear. Anyone interested?
Love my ktemas driving them with wyetech labs ruby 211 SET monoblocks 40 watts rms incredible
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And the build quality of the accu-phase is not as good as Sim audio look at how cheap the speaker terminals are with plastic knobs that's a joke!!!

I don't think Sim audio is the Hyundai and accuphase is the Ferrari, obviously you haven't heard the top end evolution stuff it's just as good or better than accu-phase and it's considered world class.

and if you want something that's even going to be better than the accuphase maybe you should have purchased the 850 p and the 870a they will eat the accu phase for breakfast lunch and dinner, but that's probably out of your price range LOL.

Having "Accuphase a-70 with c2420” makes you well prepared for next 10+ years! 

Accuphase separates/integrated units I am aware of are designed to switch internally btw 100/120/220/240V AC easily.