Simaudio Titan Amp for Home Theater

I have a silver 5-channel Titan amp by Simaudio from their Moon collection. Can anyone recommend a good multi-channel processor to match this? I have a 4K TV. I can't decide if I should buy an old and wonderful processor like a Krell S-1000 or something comparable to hold me over until 4K processing becomes more readily available. I can always plug my video sources directly into my TV for the time being. Would love to hear any recommendations as to which processors you think might match up well with the Simaudio Moon Titan Amp. Thanks!!
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You should not have any problem running some of the better rated processors with you Simaudio Moon Titan Amp. I have not heard of any issues mixing and matching processors with amps.

I would always keep the video separate from the audio. If you look up Charles Hansen (Ayre) over at one of the other forums you will see that he highly recommends keeping them separate as the video is detrimental to the sound (specifically HDMI). Than being said I am not familiar with Krell processors other than they were not particularly reliable when they first came out. I used a Meridian 568.2 for about 8 years and it always performed with no issues. I would highly recommend using a Meridian processor. They are software based and easy to set up. You can get some good deals with their older equipment.