Simaudio Supernova vs Oracle CD 1500 MK II

I'm asking for any impressions of these two CD Players- compared to each other. I've heard the Supernova-though not one fully broken in-and was quite impressed. I've never heard the Oracle CD 1500 Mk II but have a soft spot for the company, as I really like their Oracle V TT. My integrated amp is the Simaudio Moon i-7. Thanks in advance for any feedback!
i have not heard the Oracle but have listened to the Supernova many time and had it in my system for a week audition with Simaudio's P7/W7 (which I was also auditioning) and I thought they were excellent together. I think you risk the Oracle not being synergistic with your i7 when you know that the Supernova and i7 have been voiced with one another in mind. You might also want to check out the new digital (300D and 750D) coming from Simaudio soon (Nov launch):
Be smart, stay in the Sim family.
Thanks for the feedback! My hunch is that the Supernova might be a touch warmer than the Oracle CPD after break in even.....and maybe this is not a bad thing.
Reviews seem to suggest that the Supernova does a digital-free warm sound well while still getting across some recording differences. Reviews also suggest that the Oracle is more on the revealing -to-ruthless side around highlighting recording differences, depending on your ancillaries- and probably does dynamics and details a touch better.
One factor is that I'd like a unit that comes to it's full sonic potential after plugged in cold with as little time as possible as it shares an outlet with my TT.
According to Oracle their CPD takes only 30-60 minutes to reach sonic potential whereas Simaudio says that the Supernova needs at least 3-5 hours. I don't use power conditioners because they make my sound far worse-I lose too much in the way of dynamics.
I have Supernova cd player. They recommend the unit be turned on at all times...I haven't heard too many cd players in my system, but Supernova doesn't strike me like it has digital-free warm sound.
Hi Branislav,
So the Supernova is quite neutral once it breaks in- and reveals poor recordings?
I think it's a great cd player but it depende what you're looking for in a cd player. My system lacked speed, clarity and dynamics. After acquiring Supernova, I eliminated these's all about synergy. I don't think it sugarcoats poor recordings but I don't think bad recordings sound worse now than with my previous cd player. Hope that helps...

I have Simaudio Supernova about 2 years, it works with Simaudio W5 power amp and Klyne 7LX3.5/B preamplifier, Speakers Polish company Sound&Line - Enigma duo Excellence (new model). Cables: IC – Harmonix HS101-GP, MIT Magnum MA both XLR, speaker – MIT Shotgun S1, power MIT Oracle AC2 for preamp and 2x MIT Oracle ZcordIII for rest.
It is true that it need time to warm up, but that is way it has to be all the time in stanby mode. Than it needs maybe 15 min of working and is ok. Worse if you permanently take it out from power for some hours all longer. Than it needs about 48 hours to really worm up, and sound is changing from dry, a little grainy, black and white to smooth, colorful analog sounding.
If you afraid it can be to warm, don`t worry any Simaudio devices are not to warm. They are very neutral but not clinical and not cool. The higher class of device the more smooth, analog sounding it is. I would say Supernova go to neutral sound from warm side of sound reality and maybe stay a little before it reach real neutral 0. There are warmer CD`s like Accuphase DP78 or much warmer like Audio Aero Capitol.
Supernova as it has been written before is dynamic, very open and airy, with strong well stretched bass. It show a lot of details, guitars, harps and all string and tube instruments sounds fantastic. Sound is very lively. So if you want to add some live, rhythm, air, details to your system and do not want to change middle it is good choice. But if you do not need more of this things (or you want to get something extra on mids)than look for something different, maybe Accuphase or Audio Aero and so on. Supernova do not lure, do not make magic it say true story as it is on disc. It will not make music more beautiful. But if you want to get real sound a specially if you listen to classic and want to get real piano, violin or kettle drum that it is something what Supernova make really good (and Andromeda much better). In well composed system it will give you very neutral, smooth and musical sound. The best musicality I have got from it was with Magnepan 3.6 and all cables from MIT Magnum MA series (power cables MIT Oracle ). Than listen to this audio system we have just spoke only about differences in interpretations of music by different players (Beethoven sonates, Appasionata by Sviatoslav Richter, JVC XRCD and Emil Gilels, Deutshe Grammophon), no one has analyzed sound because there have not been sound, there have been music.
Best connection for pop and rock music it has been with Totem Forest speakers. Dynamic with strong bass punch. Bass at all is exposed in upper part what underline rhythm and make this line of sound very easy to follow. Very exciting sound but very unreal too – as some one has spoken such stage performances sound.
In my opinion it is really good product in the money. I do not know if the best one in this category, have no to compare to many other CD`s on this level to make such valuation. One you can be sure, it very good engineered and has fantastic dot display and there is not many CD`s with such display solution. I do not know why producer think that audiophiles has a hawk eye and their displays are good enough? Guys faster we will get elephant size ears or bat hearing, most of us listen to music with close eyes or at least with mood light and there is nice distance to CD player!
I run a supernova with a Simaudio P-7 pre and W-5 amp. The supernova is an excellent cdp.As suggested, the supernova should be in stand by mode when not in use requiring it to be plugged in at all times. The supernova has a huge break in time as well.

I would go the Supernova to keep the excellent synergy with the 1-7. Run the Supernova in balanced mode. I have mine on a double stacked set of Symposium rollerblocks and shelf which makes a great sounding cdp even better.

May. I suggest a power conditioner to take care of the outlet problem. I have everything , including the W-5 plugged into an Audience Adept Response R12a with excellent results
I have checked Shunyata V-Ray II with CD and preamp and it help a little. Sound become smoother, excellent organized, no any chaos, a little better dynamic because of faster attack and order.
The influence of V-Ray has not been big but noticeable and once you have heard it you wish to keep it because it sound better with V-Ray. But it cost a lot and if I would chose to buy Supernova + V-Ray or put the same money in Andromeda CD player I prefer to buy Andromeda. Andromeda has this smooth, order, clear and many more things without any conditioners or devices as Shunyata Hydras (of course probably adding to Andromeda V-Ray would give as again a little better sound :) it is never ending story :) )
Hello Pawe,

I heard that Simaudio will be coming out with a dac based on the new 750D cdp.

When you will after some listenig sesions write something about. I am curies how it is comparing to Supernova.