SimAudio Supernova

Anyone know when this willbe available, or have any info on it?
Price is supposed to be $4500. US, so it should be a good quality unit, with above average sonics, if other SimAudio gear is any indication.
i thought i heard from one of the reps at sim this july or supposed to have a completely new out put stage,(digital).yes he claimed around 4500.00.i own the equinox,im completely satisfied with the player,cant imagine what the super nova,s going to sound like,dave.
My dealer will be getting them in this week. I placed my order yesterday. I can tell you that if it sounds anything like the higher priced Andromeda (which is awesome) it will be pretty sweet. I also found out that the current price ($4,500)is valid only until Dec. 31st (as an introduction). It will be more expensive after that, do not know what the increase will be.
I live near montreal where Simaudio is located.I have spoken to several people who have heard both players.The Andromeda competes with anything out there from what I was told and the Supernova isn't far behind.I haven't heard the players myself but several people reported the same thing.A dealer in my area stated there will be a price increase as of Jan 1st 2006 of approx 1000 canadian on both units.
I am going to order the Supernova before Jan.
you lucky dogs!!!