Simaudio's new power supply for LP 5.3

Has anybody heard this new power supply in action yet? They claim it makes a huge difference in LP 5.3 performance - is there anything to that claim (considering the $1200 price tag)?
I have had the PSX 5.3 now for almost a month. I was so impressed with the sound of the phono stage that i ordered the power supply from my local dealer before it was ready to be shipped.
The PSX 5.3 takes at least 300 hrs to sound its best , at 200 hrs the break in was about 80 % complete. The largest improvement is in the top end and innermost details. This power supply allows you to hear differences in cymbals and bells like you have never heard before. Fine inner details on multiple horns and stringed instruments can be heard clearly and each individual instrument can be heard .I found a slight loss of bass impact but a huge increase in the detail of the bass especially in the cello and stand up bass. The echos are also more extended and more of the recording room can be heard. I think all of the improvements can be attributed to the extreme quietness of the phono /power supply combo. I would highly recommend the power supply.
If you purchase one follow the instructions supplied , you must remove the top of the phono stage and change 2 jumpers to prepare the unit for the external power supply or you could damage the phono stage since you will be trying to power the unit with 2 power supplies, the internal and external.
Pretty much all of what Todd noticed, but I had no loss of deep bass. I also noticed a much bigger overall sound, and multiple vocals sound much more defined than before. I have around 100 hours on mine and have no intention of returning it.
Probably the bass is just tighter now, no loss of "slam"
I guess i would have to take back the statement about losing bass impact. When i installed the power supply i changed power cables to a cheap cryo'd cable. This change of cable caused the reduction in bass impact not the PSX 5.3 power supply. I have now returned to the original cable supplied with the 5.3 phono stage and my bass impact is back .
I hope to try a good high quality after market power cable in the future along with a PS Audio Premier power plant , hopefully i will see more improvements.
With the new power supply, the LP5.3 becomes a $2750 phono stage. I own one (without the power supply) and think it's a definite winner at $1500, but wonder if it remains competitive at close to $3K.
thanks for all of the insights - very helpful. I guess Drubin pretty much hit the nail on the head, though, as far as summing up my question.
I can't say if it is still competitive with other 3 or 4 k phono stages but it is the best i have heard in my system .I think you should see if your local audio shop would let you try one for a few days , i am sure you would keep it.
I am sure you will see some reviews coming out soon since Simaudio will be revealing the PSX5.3 at CES this week.
You can always try one through and return it within 30 days if it doesnt work for you. In my case even without the new PSX the Sim was competitive with other $2.5K and up phonostages i had in my system. The new PSX just makes everything about it better.