Simaudio preamp for Theta and Snell?

Looking to upgrade the pre-amp, currently an Adcom GFP-750. Theta front end and Theta Dread-2 amp, Snell C/V speakers. I may swap out the Dread for a Sim Titan if one comes available I can afford, but for now let's assume the current setup. I was thinking of a Simaudio P-5. Is that a good match? I had been holding out for a used Supratek, but now that they're gone under, I'll need something else. Any other suggestions welcome as well. It will have to have remote volume and an HT bpass. Thanks. -Dave
Seems like sim would be a good place to start with from were you are right now.Buy it on gone try something if it doesnt work.You might be out some money but its all open road.
The Snell CVs are fairly efficient, but sound much better with plenty of power. I have a pair in my second system.
Used to drive them with a Thesold S500; adn later swtiched to a parasound 3500, which gave greater dynamics. Pre amp was a CJ PV10; quite a musical sounding system.

Other suggestion would be the AI Modulus 3a.