Simaudio or Plinius

I am using a Simaudio I-3se integrated with my Dynaudio Contour s1.4 speakers. I am looking for more power. I am thinking about using the I-3se preout for the time being and looking for a used Simaudio W-3 or Plinius P8 power amp. Then later I can get a preamp.
Any thoughts or suggestions?
just picked up a plinius sa102 for my system which includes dynaudio S3.4s. Any concerns about drive, bass control, slam, whatever, have been put to rest. This amp is no slouch! You might also want to contact Pdreher who is running the same amp on C4's. Not sure what the P8 is technology wise but if there is a house sound across their components its an easy recommendation. There is excellent synergy with the dyn tweeter and this amp, and coherenece is the middle name. Good luck.