Simaudio Nova or Equinox?

For those that have heard both, what are your thoughts on performance - which is the better player?
Equinox. To me it has the same characteristics as the Nova but, more musical.
I like musical. ;) Thanks!
Jh2os: me again, I have owned the Equinox for about 2 months paired with a Cayin AT88 and then with the Linar 10. I found it really dark yet very detailed. I ABd the Equinox against the Quad CDP 99 for a full afternoon and found the Quad more dynamic and pleasing. I think the Equinox is not a good match to a sweet amplifier but would work wonder with thinner amps (say a YBA Integre DT). Coming from the Cairn Fog, you would find the Equinox very dark IMHO. Do not know Nova though.
Beheme, thanks for your response. I have a Nova on the way. I would love to get an Equinox in hand as well to compare the two myself. There is also the 5.3 CDP now from Sim as well, to add to the confusion... ;)