SimAudio Nova/Eclipse owners: IC of your choice?

What interconnects have you find the best match with your Nova or Eclipse?
I have an Eclipse player going to a YBA Passion Amp. I was using Siltech SQ-88B interconnects before. I now use Lieder "La Canzone" interconnects. The Lieder IC sound pretty much like the Siltech but less grainy, less harsh (not that the Siltech was grainy to start with).

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I've got Moon Nova => Moon i-5 => Revel M20.
More opinions, please?
Anyone tried Acoustic Zec, Harminic Tech, Cardas, whatever?
Have you tried Analysis Plus Solo Crystal Cabling??

I have the Interconnects, and I'm thinking about getting the speaker cables(if I ever get a good deal on them). Anyway I'm very impressed with the ICs. They are affordable too...
I'm using Luminous Audio's Synchestra Reference i/c's and TG Audio SLVR power cord with excellent results. Also, the TG is fed by a Digital Stealth/Silent Source powercord.