Simaudio new P5.3 vs. old P5 preamp , Improvement?

Anyone know if the new Simaudio the new P5.3 sounds as good or better than the older P-5. The new unit costs way less and is in one chassis instead of two but is supposes to have the benefit of "trickle down technology" from the P-7. Any direct experience with the two units would be most appreciate

I used to own the P-5 and now have the 5.3 The 5.3 is more transparent, lower noise floor and better bottom end. If you check the specs it is even better than the P-5LE model by a long shot.

The 5.3 will give you 80 to 85% of the performance of the P-7. The 5.3 is fully dual mono front to back, the P-5 wasn't with only one transformer. The 5.3 is not a modified P-5, it is all newand does indeed have the evolution technology. Don't let the single box design fool you, it's a substancial upgrade over the old P-5 at a grat price. Hope this helps.
Thanks for sharing your recent experience with your new P5.3, this is exactly the information I was trying to find out. The P5 was ever so slightly on the warm side (a nice quality) and above all else very musical. I hope the new P5.3 has retained these qualities.