Simaudio Moon w5.3se

I see that a prominent online retailer is now offering these at 50% off. Im interested in trying one due to the 30 day return policy. Cant seem to find much info of relevance on this piece. Anyone own or have experience with this piece?

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IMO, pretty much anything produced by Jean Poulin, designer and company president of Simaudio is going to be very good to outstanding. I put them in the same category as recommending Cary, Krell, Conrad-Johnson, Audio Research, McIntosh, or McCormack.

Not only are they designed with top quality parts they look fantastic and sound great. Excellent warranty and good resale value. Enjoy!

The Simaudio amp in question is not a new model. Initially came out in 2007, an SE version in 2009.

30 years of excellent reviews, great warranty and industry respect is not happenstance.

I respectfully disagree with your point of view.

IMO you are mistaken and I will explain why.

A). I have bought Audio Research for more than 50% off brand new with a warranty.
There are a few dealers who get offered inventory that has not sold and is sitting in a warehouse collecting dust. Sometimes a newer model is released and the stock needs to go. I have purchased such equipment myself and have the receipts to prove it.

B). If someone did buy a Spectral amp for 50% off, the last thing they would do is announce it to everyone.

{I cannot speak to other manufacturers, but I would think that this happens more than we know. especially with tier 1 dealers who move a lot of product.}

C). Have you seen the prices for "refurbished" Pass Labs equipment from Reno Audio? They are indistinguishable from new. Once they add a new faceplate or new posts the units are like new, they are tested and resold.

As an additional example;
Right now in the speaker listings there are many 10/10 "New in box with warranty" speakers from very high end mfgrs being sold at 60+% off list.

The price something is retailed at means zero in audio. I agree margins can be quite high but that is immaterial to this discussion and in no way reflects how a component will perform in any given system regardless of price.

That is my point of view. Cheers!

Point taken.
I hope your future experiences with your audio equipment bring nothing but pleasant memories!
I looked very closely at the 5.3SE myself. I ended up finding a "near mint" one owner Jeff Rowland Model 112. What an amp. beautiful too. I have listened to the 5.3SE several times at a dealers location. Try to use an all copper or copper/silver power cable of 8-10AWG, direct from the wall. I think you will be very happy with it.