Simaudio Moon w5.3se

I see that a prominent online retailer is now offering these at 50% off. Im interested in trying one due to the 30 day return policy. Cant seem to find much info of relevance on this piece. Anyone own or have experience with this piece?

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I feel the above statement is far from true. There are no miracles in high-end audio. If something sells for 50% off, well, it might be because that's what it's worth. The manufacturer might decide on a selling price, but it's eventually the market that has the ultimate say.

Have you ever seen Spectral at 50 off? How about Audio Research or any of the others mentionned so far?

In full disclosure I had faulty Moon products on two occasions from the house of Jean Poulin. Neither the dealer or manufacturer would give me the time of day following my troubles.

Don't get me wrong, they make good products and above all, compensate ordinary sound with exceptional good-looking metal work. But in my book they are not worth the money. You can do a lot better for the price. But if you can get it at 50 off, it is of course worth considering, but not an automatic recommendation. But in the same league as Audio Research? Forget it.
Tom6897, I appreciate your point of view, but it is unfortunately flawed. It is somewhat unfair to throw in refurbished equipment in the mix, or ''B'' stock. Now maybe the 50% off Sim is on those types of products. If you get a refurbished Pass Labs units at a great price, then all the better!

Sorry, but a zillion years of product reviews (and quite a few ''paid'' info-mercial reviews) sure has value, as many folks trust those for purchasing decisions. But it quickly becomes futile and zero-credibility if you had your own negative experience to counter-balance this.

I am talking negative experiences that not only were quite frustrating, but that has cost me money (a good sum of it).

And this happened TWICE to me. First time was on an i-5 integrated, where a static discharge sent my volume from min to max in a half second, blowing my expensive speakers.

After much haggling, and after admitting to a faulty circuit, they applied the old Kodak policy, you know, they replaced the $ 2.99 film but your memories where out the window. So, even though the trouble was manufacturer related, I of course had to pay for an expensive speaker repair.

Still, I gave Sim another shot, as I have always said I liked their killer looks, and besides, I am Canadian and this is a Canadian company.

But a demo integrated at a reputable (what a joke) dealer - let's suppose you buy a current-year demo car at your local car dealer. One with 5,000 miles on it. Meaning you ALMOST paid full price minus a small discount.

Then you find out car doesn't have 5,000 miles, but really 50,000 miles on it - and on top of this, it had been in 3 times already for servicing for a particular problem, and that problem still wasn't fixed?

You obviously phone the dealer - He wont take back the unit, or even pay for the repair - and sends you over to the manufacturer - who in turn protects his dealer and Ping-Pong you back to the him in a frustrating time-wasting endless argumental spiral.

I ended up saying to myself, ''the hell with this'' and just accepted the loss.

My one regret. Not coming out on the forums and blasting away at my disgust with both the manufacturer and his dealer.

Even today, I feel like just naming names, but I won't do it.

But don't ever, ever tell me Simaudio is ''in the same league'' as a manufacturer that stands behind their products.

If at least they would sound the price, but again, this is very subjective, they do not.

After giving Simaudio my hard-earned money on two occasions only to get shafted twice, I figured I've earned the right to put 'em on my ''never again'' list.

Sorry for venting this way, but it is the hard truth.

I can understand, however, how their design and sound can be attractive to many - just not to me - and OF COURSE I am now negatively biased. Just as those that are POSITIVELY biased and feel that talking against a product they purchased for themselves is like an insult and a slap in the face.

Such is the state of our passion-driven hobby.

But in the process, one must respect himself, right?

Winoguy, I appreciate your comment, and I understand you completely about my post not helping much. By the same token, I reacted against a comment (not by you) where the brand was put on some sort of pedestal - sometimes you need to react to even things out if you know what I mean.

I am without words as why I never received any kind of apology from this Costa person at Simaudio. He probably doesn't come to Audiogon and other forums at all. If he did, his ears would probably be ringing by now!

In all fairness, Sim gear is probably very fine by now, but at what cost to discontented previous owners?

This is where companies like Bryston put their money - and reputation - where their mouth is whith their incredible transferable warranty.

I have never owned Bryston, but I would in a heartbeat if only for this.

And it probably sounds quite nice, and is more than adequately put together, to say the least.