Simaudio Moon w5.3se

I see that a prominent online retailer is now offering these at 50% off. Im interested in trying one due to the 30 day return policy. Cant seem to find much info of relevance on this piece. Anyone own or have experience with this piece?

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I wouldn't be as harsh as Sonicbeauty as the equipment is quite good but their non-transferable warranty policy does suck. I think a major factor is that Simaudio read all their own reviews years ago and decided that thier prices could be a lot higher - about 50% or so;-)
With that said, you can't go wrong with their equipment but there is a lot out there that will satisfy you just as well at that price-point.

Performance-wise, I disagree with Sonicbeauty - it is in the same league. You just have to pick the right component for comparison. Everyone has their preferences though and I respect that.