Simaudio Moon w5.3se

I see that a prominent online retailer is now offering these at 50% off. Im interested in trying one due to the 30 day return policy. Cant seem to find much info of relevance on this piece. Anyone own or have experience with this piece?

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I have owend both Van Alstine and Sim. Both are good, just a little different. In this case, it would depend on which one worked best in a given system. This would not be a situation where one "smokes" another.
I'm a huge Sim fan. They are expensive and Van Alstine is better in price for performance. However, the W5.3 SE's are being sold at a great deal price right now. It may be hard to find a better amp at the current deal price.
I have heard/owned the W3 and W7. I liked the W3 better because it was warmer sounding. How about the W5.3 SE, is it warmer or is it like the newer trend towards more transparency and detail, which sounds great on well recorded material, but not so much on other recordings that a most of us own a lot of?
Yes, that makes sense. Thanks Winoguy.