Simaudio Moon Nova vs. Simaudio CD5.3X

I have a Simaudio Moon Nova w/single-ended audio outputs and am considering "upgrading" to the Sim CD5.3X CD player w/balanced outs. Associated equipment includes Simaudio Moon P5/W5 balanced seperates.

Are the gains that may be realized "worth" the $1K+ cost of the upgrade? Any thoughts/comments? Much obliged...

im unsure if the 5.3 is a fully balanced unit, if it is then yes its money well spent. if its just an option for xlr cables , then not so much.
I think you're right Jrw40. The Sim website states it as having "optional balanced analog audio outputs" (XLR's), hence the X designation, but doesn't refer to it as being a "fully balanced differential design" (whatever that means) as in the Supernova/Andromeda models.

Could you please explain, without getting too technical?