simaudio moon lp5.3 vs manley chinook

simaudio moon lp5.3 vs manley chinook
Well......we're waiting.......who won?????
Inquiring minds need to know!!!
Ok, I have both the simaudio LP5.3 and PsX 5.3 power supply which I switched out for a Manley Steelhead. I am using the Steelhead, as much for its ease of use, loading options and input options as for its sound, but I could easily return to the simaudio if it was a sound quality only issue.
The chinook seams to be a steelhead without all the options on inputs and loading, so for me, it would be a tossup if the chinook sounds as good as the steelhead. If it doesnt, then the lp5.3 would be the choice.