Simaudio MOON LP5.3 RS or 300LP?

This isn't really a question I'm asking - more a point of interest.

I just purchased the 5.3RS and in the manual there's some blurb about the RS designation means a higher grade of PCB and capacitors are used.

To my surprise, on reading the review of the 310LP the exact same phrase was used - suggesting that was why the new model was introduced.

Pics of the internals also look identical

Now I'm not saying they are the same electronics, but is seems it might be possible?

Now the kicker - the MSRP for the 310LP is around $1800
The 5.3RS ? - I got it for $1350 !

Just in case fellow members are looking in that direction :-)

It sounds real nice as well, especially with a quality power cord - probably don't need the seperate power supply that they promote.

Back to the tunes :-)
I had the original LP 5.3, and later added the outboard power supply. When you put the power supply online, you quickly realize it is worth rvery penney, and then some.

Dan - were you using the stock power cord before you added the power supply?
I, like you, looked at the pics and decided that they had exactly the same circuit, the odd component was different, but that just might be new stock. So bought the 5.3 and psx second hand ( for the price of the 310 alone). It is hard to believe that the 310 is better sounding. The 5.3rs is just spectacular, and i think would be hard to beat without spending 10 to 20 times the price. I could not fault it, and there is nothing I am missing that makes me want to try something else, except a second input:) Can't say I have tried it without the optional power supply though.
Dinster - glad you are liking your 5.3 - are you using the stock power cord on the power supply?

"Bill", sorry missed your question, no I use Oyaide Tsunami from my "Hydra Killa" (home made "Hydra" distribution box. I have acquired a AudiaFlight phono stage, (should arrive in a few weeks) really "pressured" into it after I showed some interest, and was given a deal I just couldn't walk away from. In a few months after it is run in, I will let you know how the Sim fares against it. I don't think it is going to beat the Sim though:)
Dinster - post you impressions of the AF here - it will be interesting to see how it compares.

It looks like a very nice phono and should outperform the Sim based on price - the reviews are very positive.

I've just finished burning a new power cable on my Sim and it is now starting to perform to the level I expected. So I'm pretty happy right now.

I'm sure Simaudio will correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the RS designation was originally applied to amps made to European standard i.e. using unleaded solder. When it was first used, they were still using "tin/lead" in the U.S.

There's no fundamental superiority in using unleaded compliant comps, just increased risk of dendrites and consequent short circuits if the amp is improperly manufactured.
I've been using an I-7RS for 7 years and it has performed admirably and reliably. (Hope that wasn't the kiss of death :)
The also use better quality Caps and better circuit boards on the RS model

I'd like to watch this thread.
Sorry for the delay, have had the AudiaFlight in system for the last 2 months, including a couple of days continuous run in, using CD and an RIAA inverter. Should be properly run in. So today I put the 5.3RS/PSX 5.3 back in the system and.... much to my distress I prefer the Sim Audio!!
They are both exceptional phono stages, and I could live with either, but when auditioned back to back in my system, the Sim just sounds better, slightly less edge on the top end but all the detail and decay of the notes is there, and a very detailed bass line, a lot more prominent than the Audia. Both are stunningly quiet. The bass on the Audia is recessed, and lacks the detail of the Sim, seems a little wooly and diffuse, and soft. Both are fast, can't fault either. There is just one discrepancy in this test, the cartridge is loaded at 100 Ohm in the Audia, and 400 Ohm in the Sim.

Test Records so far Cafe Blue, Soular Energy, Voodoo, Quattro Neuvo, will work through some more (less "audiophile") music over the next few weeks before going back to the Audia for a final judgement. I might find the bass a little overwhelming with time.

Just to put it in context, the system is Lyra Atlas, Kuzma 4 Point, ClearAudio Master Solution, Ayre KX-r/MX-r, B&W 802DII, interconnects balanced Audioquest Black diamond, van den Hull Revelation Speaker Cable. Power cords Tsunami/ Nanotech.
Well, I bought some 0.1% resistors and changed the loading to 400 Ohms on the AudiaFlight. I can now appreciate the unit, and at this stage I think it is faster, and has better resolution than the SimAudio. Now that the tone and the bass is sorted, it is just beautiful to listen to.
My only question is what were they thinking when they designed the loading options 7, 9, 10, 23, 30, 90, 100, 980 Ohm only!! 5 options between 7 and 30 Ohms, and then in the critical zone between 100 and 1000 Ohms only 2 options. The change in loading has transformed the sound, now to try some other values! I think I will be able to tailor the sound to my exact preference.
You may want to try the Simaudio Evolution 610 lp phono stage. That was the ticket for me to vinyl enjoyment.
Since my last post I've added a braided power cable of my own design using Furutech conductors and Sonar Quest silver plated copper IEC/mains connectors.

On the signal side I've replaced the Eichman Silver Bullet RCA's with KLE Innovations Silver Harmony RCA'a on my Stager Silver Solids interconnects - a significant upgrade

The LP 5.3 RS is now performing extremely well - way above it's original levels.

It is much more dynamic, detailed, spacious with a bass responce that goes very deep while maintaining amazing control with textures never before heard in bass lines. And that's without the external power supply!

I would definately rate it as "Best Bang for the Buck"

Moonguy, you might be right!! I have gone back to the 5.3RS, just more musical than the AudiaFlight, I can now hear clearly when the clarinet takes over from the flute in Rach 2. The AudiaFlight is just too screechy to pick the tonal differences! I have tried everything to get the Flight to sound right, and just can't seem to win. What are the differences in sound lp310/5.3RS vs the lp610? I think I really stumbled on a winner, by chance, with the 5.3, unfortunately I will not be able to audition the 610 in my system, so will have to buy unheard, so perhaps if you have listened to the lesser models you can let me know what the improvements are.
I own a the LP5.3 and I regard it as an essentially transparent device. More often than not, a flaw in the sound can be traced back to the support/turntable/arm/cartridge which precede it.

I'm glad I bought it.
Pure Harmony - there's a reason why these RCA's are called that!

I upgraded the Silver Harmony RCA's to the Pure Harmony RCA's on my Stager Silver Solids IC's used to connect the LP5.3 RS to the amp...
- Wider deeper image
- faster dynamics
- more details
- extended bass - not more bass - just much deeper
- more emotion
- more natural

Now the LP5.3 RS is really hoppin'

Dinster, That list of resistive loading options for your Audia Flight is indeed very odd. Perhaps there is a built in SUT for MC. Sometimes the stated value of the load is tricky to interpret when there is a SUT and if the load resistor is installed in front of or after the SUT. BUT, I really cannot imagine loading any cartridge at less than 30 ohms, net. And why one would need a choice of both 90 and 100 ohms, not to mention 7, 9, and 10 ohms, is also a puzzle. Something is fishy.

I just Googled Fremer's review of the Audia Flight from 2009. He wrote the following as regards cartridge loading, "The jumper system offers 16 logically chosen values between 60 ohms and 47k ohms, which was more than enough for me."
Are y'all using balanced or single ended ICs with this? I was underwhelmed using RCAs.

I had a 5.3 with the power supply and much preferred the Avid Pulsus to it, which I have since replaced with the Musical Fidelity kW.

Sorry to rain on the Simaudio Moon 5.3 parade. But I found the bass and the treble considerably improved on the Avid when I compared them head-to-head.
Roscoeiii - I'm using single ended Essence gZero6 IC's from KLE Innovations - these are exceptional performers on any gear.

Lewm, those loadings are correct for the MC input, and there is no step up transformer. It is bizarre, and I would like an explanation from Audia why they chose those levels. I emailed them and they have not replied.
Having said that it sounds great at 47k i.e.. no loading at all, and I'm currently running at 980 Ohm. If I understand correctly, the ideal would be no loading, but some phono stages can't deal with the high frequency peak in the megaHz range, and so sound edgy. As you load down you dampen dynamics and cause some phase shifts, but remove the high frequency peak.
Thought I'd post a follow up, several months later. After my initial enthusiasm, my position has changed!! Just did an AB of the Flight Phono with the Sim 5.3/PSX, wow it is chalk and cheese! The Flight is just so much better in every respect, more detailed and extended highs and the bass, which was my initial complaint, is just all there and incredibly detailed. Just so much more air, and presence. Much more dynamic. Test records Cafe Blue and Sera Una Noche (La Segunda). More than that I get confused, one track is about more than my aural memory
Seems like the Flight Phono takes an incredibly long time to run in. During this time it went cold and edgy at least twice, even though my initial run in was with a CD and reverse RIAA equaliser for 2 days (not listening). It was worth waiting for it to come on line. Note to myself, don't judge a component on the first day or even week. Unfortunately it is just in a different league to the Sim, much as I liked the Sim. I guess my Sim is finally up for sale!
This must be a solid state thing, my Oppo 105 also went cold twice before it settled down, now if anything it is overblown in the bass.
Still at 980 Ohm loading and using balanced old fashioned AudioQuest Black Diamond (x3).