Simaudio Moon Eclipse vs Audio Aero Capitole MKII

I'm cosidering to buy one of this two players but I'm not sure which one is a better match for my system which is composed of BAT VK 75SE amp, BAT VK 51SE pre, Sonus Faber Cremona speakers, IC from Cardas (Golden Reference) and Kimber 3035 speakers cables. My musical tastes goes with almost every music kind except electronic, rock and similars.
Thanks in advance for your opinions.

I had the AA Capitole II in my system, and I felt it was not as good as the modded player by Exemplar, or APL hifi. Plus the modded players do much more, and cost a lot less. This was a direct comparison in my system, I have not heard the Simaudio, so I cannot comment on it.
What about an all BAT system? I use the VK 5DSE with a VK5i pre and VK 500 amp....I have owned Wadia and other digital front ends but feel the BAT makes the most musical digititus at all.
Go with the Capitole MKII SE. I own it and auditioned it against the SimAudio Moon Eclipse SE as well as the new Andromeda player. Both sounded good, but lacked musicality when compared to the AA player when using the symposium rollerblocks series 2+ in double stacked configuration on all players.

711smilin does bring up a very good point though. I know someone who sold his AA player and went with the APL modded 3910. To this day he has no regrets, except for the looks of the AA player.


Is that a Portugese name?
What it was your decision anyway? I am asking because we have exactly the same amps and speakers and I am looking for cd player.