Simaudio Moon 700i vs Boulder 865 Integrateds

I'm trying to decide between a Boulder 865 and Simaudio Moon 700i. Looking for your thoughts

I've heard the Moon 600i (but not the 700i) and the Boulder 865, but years apart and with different speakers. 
My general observations were:
The Moon was a bit darker and more about PRAT
The Boulder was a bit airier and more about details and stage precision. 
I would be using these w/ Sasha 1.  Does anyone have any thoughts? 

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Nevermind.  I went for the Boulder.  
I hope it works out. I have heard the Sim and it is fantastic.
How do you like your Boulder?
I'll try to come back and provide an update in a couple weeks.  It is just being shipped tomorrow.  
I did hear it with Focal Scala v1 about a year ago and was very impressed.  I was A/B 'ing it against my ARC Ref separates - Ref 3 and Ref 75.  It held its own.  That's one reason I'm going to give it a run.  The other reason is I don't have easy to drive Focals any longer.  I have Wilson Sasha, which I think will benefit from the power better.