Simaudio Moon 600i vs Lsa statement

Anyone have any thoughts on either of these fine integrated amps? Good bad or ugly? They each have over 100watts per channel if you know of any other that you think are better please advise.
In my opinion (and I usually have one) the 600i on the cover of TAS is definitely not ugly.
I heard the 600I at a mutual friends , and thought they were very musical and nonfatigueing , not like good separates but very close . They seemed to be a great match for his Revel Gem 1's . Have not heard of the LSA Statements so you want to have hear my two cents worth there . ...Good luck ....
I own an LSA Statement and it is by far the best amp I've ever owned. While I haven't had too many big $$ amps, this was the first one that gave me everything - staging, tone, PRAT, and by far the best "impact." It is one of the few things I've found that drive my ProAc's to their potential

I think there are a lot of similarities to the designs (dual mono, big Toroidal transformers, etc). The LSA uses a tubed stage which lets you customize the sound a little with tube rolling. In the end, you can only try them out.

(full disclosure, I'm currently trying to sell my LSA Statement - as well as the rest of my primary system - for purely financial reasons. Job change and a move coming).
im now a very very proud owner of the incredible 600i. befor the 600i. ive owned the mcintosh 252 power amp with mcintosh c2200 preamp. it was great stuff and enjoyed for many years with zero problems. but now it was time for change and i got back into beutiful audio market world. after a couple of months of looking around. the moon evolution 600i was the one. it clearly put the mac to shame. this isnt just any integrated amp. its a seperate amp beater. moon audio is for shure the gear to own. and its definetly the best for the money.
Proud owner of the 600i. Little bright coming out of the box, but expected it. Seems to be running the cremona m's without a glitch. Now, thinking about which cables are the best.
I own an LSA Standard and it is a wonderful piece of equipment. The Statement is supposed to be much better.
Given the nature of this hobby, consider this:

The Sim sells better.

The LSA sounds better.

Choose your poison wisely, depending on what is important to you!