Simaudio Moon 600i or Bryston B135SST with Focal 836W Prestige Speakers.

Recently I purchased Focal 836W Speakers so now I am looking
for the Integrated Amplifier that would bring the best of the Focals.
I am not familiar with the Bryston sound. From the Simaudio side
I had the chance to listen only NEO 250i. I was impressed with the bass
but not with the highs (rolled off). Of course, the 600i is on the another level
but would it be a huge improvement over NEO 250i.
Opinions would be greatly appreciated.

I had the Simaudio 600i powering my 836W speakers, you can find the video on YouTube if you search 600i and 836W. This integrated amp cannot be beat! The results were staggering. The 600i was so good, I have since upgraded to the 700i and I now pair it with the Simaudio 750D and power Genesis 5.3 speakers.
thanks for reply,
Is the sound transparent and detailed with extended highs
As I mentioned, I tried NEO 250i but I was not
impressed with the highs. Of course, 250i is a base model.

I would get the Simaudio. I have heard it at a couple shows but not with those speakers. Have not heard the Bryston. I have owned two different Bryston amps and one Sim amp (and preamp) with the same speakers. To my ear, the Sim products were a pretty big cut above the Brystons. They brought an air and life to music that the Brystons didnt. 
The moon intergrated is on another level compared to the bryston. The bryston is a good amp but you can consider the moon equal to separates at that price- an excellent product.
I use a 700i to drive Focal Sopra 2's. The sound is very well balanced with sweet highs, very dimensional and tight bass. Expensive but worth the investment. 
BTW, the 600 & 700i are built like a tank and will last a long, long time. 
Also would recommend the Simaudio. I've owned three of their amps and two of their DACs and have not found anything better after going through several competitors.

Thanks! for sharing guys. I,too, wanted opinions on both fo these integrated amps.  What cabling are you all using?