Simaudio Moon 310LP

Anyone have any experience with this updated unit or it's previous iteration in the LP5.3? I have one on order and would like to know what type of realistic breakin they require. I have read anywhere from 200-350 hours which is a whole lot of time playing records. What changed with the sound during the breakin period?

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I've been using the Simaudio Moon 310LP preamp for several months and I love it. I upgraded from a Heed Quasar, which is a wonderful phono pre on its own, but the Simaudio is definitely a few rungs up the ladder--more detail, air, presence, life, you know, all the things that make recorded music sound more "real". The gain and loading options are generous and probably all you would need for most cartridges. I purchased it together with the power supply, and I couldn't image using it without one. I did an A/B comparison with and without the power supply, and without it the sound was comparatively anemic and lacked authority and body. So, basically, I think the power supply is essential. Highly recommended phono preamp!