Simaudio Moon 310LP

Anyone have any experience with this updated unit or it's previous iteration in the LP5.3? I have one on order and would like to know what type of realistic breakin they require. I have read anywhere from 200-350 hours which is a whole lot of time playing records. What changed with the sound during the breakin period?

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I had the 310LP in for review last year, and thought it was very good. The sound quality did noticeably improve during the break-in period, and the 320PS optional power supply also improved things. (A lot of the break-in can happen by just leaving it turned on...)

Long story short: I liked it; if you'll excuse the plug, I reviewed the 310LP and 320PS in issue 5 of Vinylphile (
I blush! I'm glad my review helped you make a decision, and many thanks for reading Vinylphile!

I'm currently testing the 310LP's little brother, the 110LP, and I also have a Clearaudio Concept MC in for review too! I'm hoping to get my hands on Simaudio's new statement phono stage when it's ready. That should be a lot of fun...!