Simaudio Moon 310LP

Anyone have any experience with this updated unit or it's previous iteration in the LP5.3? I have one on order and would like to know what type of realistic breakin they require. I have read anywhere from 200-350 hours which is a whole lot of time playing records. What changed with the sound during the breakin period?
I had the 310LP in for review last year, and thought it was very good. The sound quality did noticeably improve during the break-in period, and the 320PS optional power supply also improved things. (A lot of the break-in can happen by just leaving it turned on...)

Long story short: I liked it; if you'll excuse the plug, I reviewed the 310LP and 320PS in issue 5 of Vinylphile (
I had actually used your review to assist in my purchase decision.

My dealer was kind enough to loan me the lp5.3 for a couple of weeks while the 310lp was on order. According to Simaudio, only a couple of capacitors in the power supply portion have been upgraded in the 310lp when compared to the lp5.3. I am very surprised to find that the 310lp is substantially quieter than the lp5.3 was in my system, which was quiet to begin with. The noise floor is almost non-existant. Very pleased with this unit. Running balanced at 60 db gain, 100 impedance and the IEC equalization filter with the Clearaudio Concept and matching MC.
I blush! I'm glad my review helped you make a decision, and many thanks for reading Vinylphile!

I'm currently testing the 310LP's little brother, the 110LP, and I also have a Clearaudio Concept MC in for review too! I'm hoping to get my hands on Simaudio's new statement phono stage when it's ready. That should be a lot of fun...!
I had a Sim LP 5.3 for several years and liked it very much - it was very quiet and enjoyable to listen to. While I prefer the phono section of my Monbrison to the Sim (which you'd expect given the price difference), the Sim was quieter with no signal from the turntable. I'm sure you'll get lots of enjoyment out of your 310.
This response is a bit outdated, but felt the need to add. Just returned home to Italy with my new simaudio 310lp. At this time, i am running a project debut since i live in Italy and will be returning home. I am enertaining the idea of purchasing the Clearaudio concept table. I received a response from a distibutor and they stated the TT will run in both 110v and 220v at 50-60hz, therefore should work fine here in Italy and the US. Are you aware of this? Also, how does the TT sound with the Clearaudio TT and which cartridge do you have? So far I love the 310 and huge difference in the project that I was using for my phono stage.

Richteer, i also used your review for the 310lp to aid in my purchase. Also, i went to Definitive Audio in Seattle based from your review. I did talk to the guys both in Bellevue and Seattle and they were not aware of your right up on their company. I gave them the info to assess the article. Looking forward to your next review.

Sorry for the delayed response. Been away from this site for a while.
I am very pleased with the Clearaudio Concept w/mc package and Moon 310lp. The 310lp does take a while to break in. Though it sounds very quiet from the first moment, it certainly loosens up and blooms quite a bit after a good 150 hours or so. I have my analog setup about 25' away from the main system and speakers and use the XLR connection to do so.
I've been using the Simaudio Moon 310LP preamp for several months and I love it. I upgraded from a Heed Quasar, which is a wonderful phono pre on its own, but the Simaudio is definitely a few rungs up the ladder--more detail, air, presence, life, you know, all the things that make recorded music sound more "real". The gain and loading options are generous and probably all you would need for most cartridges. I purchased it together with the power supply, and I couldn't image using it without one. I did an A/B comparison with and without the power supply, and without it the sound was comparatively anemic and lacked authority and body. So, basically, I think the power supply is essential. Highly recommended phono preamp!
Thank you, I will most likely pick up the power supply when I can. What is nice about going piece by piece it feels like you are getting a new system every time you upgrade.
Harris4crna, I sent you a message. If you didn't get it, slap gmail onto my username.
Thank you Rosco, but ill stick with the 320. Getting it for 900 and the warranty is good.
Just received the 320lp to brother up with my 310. Wow, it does make a difference. The soundstage just opened up. It is making this project debut sing. Cannot imagine what it will sound like with my future new Nottingham Space Deck with the shelter.
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I am considering buying the 310LP mainly because I have a Simaudio Moon Evolution P-8 and its external power supply which my guess is much more substantial than the 320 can be used with it.

Anyone know if this is the case and if the sound good together.

I don't think I would have considered it but I already have the great power supply so thinking it would be better than the Sutherland 20/20 and Allnic 1201 I was also considering?
I have used a LP 5.3 for about 10 years now. I have never owned the power supply.
Even sans the power supply, the 5.3 is better than most turntables arms and cartridges that could be used with it.

One had better have every aspect of placement, isolation, level, spindle to pivot distance, arm height, overhang, azimuth, VTA, VTF, as close to perfect as one can attain. Then after doing that, if you have a big problem with what you are hearing you can justify suspecting a deficiency in the Moon phono stage.  If everything is adjusted superbly, the Moon LP 5.3 or 310 should be perfectly satisfactory.
I had a 310LP for a few weeks and could not get used to it. The low frequency was just too much. Too much bass no matter my VTA settings. 

Sent it back and went with a Sky 20 SUT to the MM phono section in my Luxman integrated. 

I really wanted to like the Moon 310 LP since I got a great price on it. 

I’ve had a Sutherland Insight in the past and enjoyed it. If I were to get a seperate phonostage, I would go Sutherland 20/20 or Zesto Andros ( I should have never sold it).