Simaudio / Jeff Rowland / MBL

I currently own Simaudio W-10 mono's & P-5 driving Maggie 20's. Listen primarily to JAZZ and JAZZ VOCALS.

Also, I have a JRDG Coherence II preamp.
I heard the MBL 5011/9006 and it seemed killer.

Question is: Would I be better off,
A. Do nothing new.
B. Finish the JRDG system with Model 12's or the new 501's.
C. Go with the MBL 5011 pre amp and 9006 mono's.

Any help/comments are always appreciated. Dave.
Stay with what you have and broaden your search. Thats what makes this a hobby. Try Mark Levinson, Krell, Pass, Griffen, YBA, VTL, Tenor, Edge, Lamm, Boulder, and Bryston. Try everything you can and IF mbl floors you, bye it!! Peace and Good Listening, Pat. Remember, make-it and keep-it FUN.
Do not be fooled.
The Sim combo is perfect for the 20. Others might sound good but the 20 will make they appear as toys. To get more out of your speakers would be to use 2 pcs stereo W5 with a Bryston 10B electron cross over to make vertical or horizontal biamp.
If you love the Sim sound on the 20 you mostly will not like several solid state. I know I have a pair of 20 for over 11 years.
Do not be fooled.