SimAudio Intergrated

I currently own the Moon i-5080 and was wondering if I could use this down the road with Totem speakers. The Hawks and Forest come to mind, but I'm worried about current. I listen to alot of 90's alternative, classic rock, and UK electronic. The room size is 12x15. I will more then likely move up to an i-3 or i-5 down the road, but for the time being the i-5080 will be the amp used in whatever speaker upgrades I do in the future.

Do the Moon's have enough current and juice to do the Totems justice?
I auditioned the Forest in a similar-sized room with Sim electronics and thought they were a good match. With a 5080 you won't chip paint, but in a nearfield setup it will get the job done. Definitely not a warm, liquid or euphonic sound, but if you like resolution and transient snap you'll be on your way with that setup. I have read show reports where Totem and Sim are used together. Sim rooms have also featured Gershmann speakers, too, since we are talking about all Canadian systems here. And the Totems will love any later upgrades, as they are quite good and they do love power, as you say.
Hello, to hear the full potential of a Moon-Totem synergy, get out of your Moon i-5080, which is just a re-badget ''economy line'' Celeste integrated. The true Moon components like the i5- integrated, have better parts all around. Doesn't mean that I like it's sound ( I don't) but at least you know you are getting ''Moon '' standards. I hate it when manufacturers do that and expect us to fall for it. This situation may have changed recently for all I know, so buyer beware and call Sim Audio to make sure. Good luck.