Simaudio I-5 vs. Cary SLI-80 integrated amps

Both are close in price. Both have similar build quality.
One solid state.....Pros and cons.
Please help me settle this integrated amp shootout.
Thanks fellow Audiogoner's.
what speakers?
Von Schweikert VR 4jr's.
can't speak for the Sim but i have owned SS separates that were 3 times the price & widely acclaimed which I enjoyed immensely but the cary with the right speakers is really sweet, a whole different sound experience. i think some folks around here have experience w/vr2's, etc & these 2 amps & can be more helpful??? good luck & have fun.
Apples and oranges. Tubes more lifelike, SS more bass grip.

I can't comment on the Simaudio, but I did move from SS seperates to a Cary SLI 80, 250 watts/channel vs 50 ( in the triode mode,which I like). I like the Cary a lot more. Tube sound just seems to fit me more. Warmer and the bass is not lacking. Great for jazz and acoustic stuff including classical.

I wouldn't have believed it before I tried tube rolling, but yes NOS tubes do sound better and make a significant difference. For a small amount of money you can completely change the character of the amp, can't so that with SS. A pair of NOS 1940's RCA VT231's was a memorable experience. Now I'm working on the 6922's. And then the rectifiers and then... well it's a nice trip.


Please try replacing the power tube - that is where the big change.