simaudio equinox SE cd player

Anyone with any experience with this player comment on its musicality, plusses or minuses of the unit, comparisons to otherplayers you've had. Know it receivd a Golden Ear Award
Ive owned the regular model,upgraded to the 5.3.For the money its a very close call.The initial impact of the upgrade has diminished leaving me wanting to upgrade the i3 now.The sound of the 5.3 has all the trade marks of the equinox i owned,robust bass,smooth highend.Got to the think the se version takes it up a notch...imho.
Yes, i have just purchased the Equinox SE Silver last nite, but wont be here for another two weeks...But i am very curious to what pre and power u r running with this SE. I have just purchased the P-3 Preamp Silver, and just love it, really does a fine tunning to the whole system. thanks...Richard